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The Next Frontier of Mining

The 5 Most Interesting Ways We Are Exploring For Mineral Wealth

The Next Frontier of Mining

This infographic was the result of our first Visual Capitalist hackathon – an all day marathon research and design session.  Our blog has all the details including pictures and videos from the event.

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  1. Joe Mayhew says:

    The information and statistics contained below are relevant to this VC feature. You should consider a 6th way; designing resource use into loops for constant re-use. Surely this is the best focus for human ingenuity.

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    The Economist recently presented two articles side-by-side which has prompted this pitch to those in charge of Apple’s capital allocation program…

    Relevant Quotes from references (see end for details):
    - ‘A 2011 report by Pike Research… estimates that the volume and weight of e-scrap will more than double in the next 15 years’
    - ‘A study by the nearby Shantou University found high miscarriage rates in local women’
    ‘Processors, chips and connecting pins … contain seams of silver, gold and palladium; these “deposits” are 40 to 50 times richer than dug-up ores’
    - ‘It is no accident that Guiyo is so close to where IPads are being made’
    - ‘at one point $57billion was wiped off Apple’s market capitalisation’
    - ‘One of those gadgets is likely to be a much cheaper I-Phone aimed at emerging markets’
    - ‘Apple may dip into its $137Bn cash lake’

    Create virtuous local production cycles. Increase operating revenues. Eliminate commodity-price risks.

    Emerging Market I-Phone Recommendations:
    - Cradle to Cradle; McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry http://www.mbdc.com/ with the 20-minute overview at http://www.ted.com/talks/william_mcdonough_on_cradle_to_cradle_design.html
    - Biomimicry; Benyus & Baumeister http://biomimicry.net/
    - Design for disassembly.
    - Eliminate manufacture that requires ‘heat, beat, treat’ inputs
    - Infinite re-use of materials in one of two cycles; technical or biological.

    Perhaps Apple’s Corporate Address could actually stand for something more?…Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014 408.996.1010

    - ‘The Politics of e-Waste’ http://www.economist.com/news/international/21570678-growing-mounds-electronic-scrap-can-mean-profits-or-scandals-cadmium-lining
    - ‘Has Apple Peaked’ http://www.economist.com/news/business/21570751-worlds-most-valuable-firm-may-be-past-its-prime-has-apple-peaked

    Joseph Mayhew
    M +44 (0) 7811 368276
    S jm.1978
    P 4 The Manor House, High Street, Highworth, Wiltshire, SN6 7EU, United Kingdom
    Economist Customer Reference: 03463774

  2. In the above we are having water resource only but we don’t know how to utilize the resource in the right way. In the daily life every one wasting the water for unwanted purpose. Save water and save the earth and save the natural resources.

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