The 10 Richest Counties in America Will Surprise You

The 10 Richest Counties in America Will Surprise You

The 10 Richest Counties in America Will Surprise You

The richest counties in America by median income are not located near Silicon Valley or adjacent to Wall Street. They are not in oil rich Texas either.

If you guessed that they are surrounding the D.C. Metro Area, you are correct. Six of ten of the richest counties by median income are based just outside of Washington D.C.: five in Virginia, and one in Maryland. This includes the number one ranked county in all of the United States, Falls Church City in Virginia, which has a median income of $121,250 and where half of homeowners own houses worth more than $500k. In case you are wondering, Falls Church City is less than a 10 mile commute from the nation’s capital.

Two counties that made the top ten richest counties list are in New Jersey: Hunterdon (#6) and Somerset (#10) Counties, respectively. Both are about an hour and change away from Manhattan by car.

Rounding out the list, we go west. Los Alamos County (#3) in New Mexico is 30 miles out of Sante Fe, and Douglas County (#8) in Colorado is on the south side of Denver. Interestingly Los Alamos is home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which gets $2.2 billion of government funding and has 9,000 employees.

Original graphic by: Timothy Sykes


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  • Hey You

    From a cusory view, it looks like most of the richest counties are beneficiaries of being where federal tax monies are disbursed.

    • Rick Fitz

      Just another manifestation of the “crack up boom”

      “But the boom cannot continue indefinitely. There are two alternatives. Either the banks continue the credit expansion without restriction and thus cause constantly mounting price increases and an ever-growing orgy of speculation, which, as in all other cases of unlimited inflation, ends in a ‘crack-up boom’ and in a collapse of the money and credit system. Or the banks stop before this point is reached, voluntarily renounce further credit expansion and thus bring about the crisis.”

      Ludwig von Mises.

  • philosopher

    If you had any doubts that public sector employees were living the high life, this proves it.

    • Rick Fitz

      Not all of them, but those who actually have POWER, they get to live in their Mordor on the Potomac and pretend all is well with the world, and their great powers shall surely never fail.

      I wish Murray Rothbard was alive to watch this. He is probably cursing me as I type such a hateful thing. He would just die.

  • Rick Fitz

    It pays to work for the government, especially if a “private” company is paying you!

    This “capitalist” corporate quasi fascist system pays BIG bucks to the guys that can leverage “political donations” to the advantage of their sponsor (AMA, NAR, NRA, PP, GM, BOA, National Plumbers Association, etc.) via legislation to keep competition at a minimum.

    Godwin’s Law and all, but the government is getting better at this than that little failed artist over there ever dreamed possible.

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