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VC Market Intelligence

(December 5, 2012)  VC Market Intelligence is a new monthly infographic from Visual Capitalist that summarizes a macro view of the last month of markets.  At the beginning of each month, we will highlight changes in economic indicators, report relevant news stories, reveal commodity and financial trends, and provide technical analysis.  The goal is to make this information intuitive and visual to the average commodity investor.

3 Responses to “VC Market Intelligence (December)”

  1. Brian Darby says:

    Fiscal Cliff – US over 16 Trillion National Dept
    At there GDP rate per yearly Deficit
    How are they going to pay off there National Dept

    Has Canada ever compared to the US Fiscal Cliff

  2. Steve says:

    One way to do it: Cut military spending in 1/2, pay off the deficit in 3 years. Source: Memory. Deficit is about 110% of GDP. Military budget is somewhere around half of the overall budget.

    • Frank says:

      Bascially, yes. What a country. Cutting social services is making the ‘tough choice’ to ‘shrink Government’, but cutting military spending is political suicide. Blows my mind.

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