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The Lithium Ion Battery – A Potential Growth Driver for Natural Graphite

Lithium-ion Infographic


The Lithium Ion Battery – A Potential Growth Driver for Graphite

Lithium-ion batteries are already in our mobile devices and power tools, but tomorrow lithium-ion batteries will power the future of green technology. Lithium-ion batteries have the best energy density of all commercial batteries and have dropped in cost by about 50% since 2008 to produce.

Li-ions have three main parts: anode, cathode, and electrolyte. White cathodes vary in composition, in virtually all commercial lithium ion batteries, graphite is used as an anode. In fact, up to 15 times more graphite is used than lithium to make each battery.

Electric vehicles, smart grids, and consumer electronics all will likely use lithium-ions in future production, meaning a big potential growth opportunity for natural graphite.

3 Responses to “The Lithium Ion Battery – A Potential Growth Driver for Graphite”

  1. John McCance says:

    Your graphics are spectacular. I am interested in obtaining this graphic for an upcoming poster session in Southern Ontario’s rural Economy. How do I aquire a copy for personal reproduction?

  2. josol0709 says:

    Could I have these info graphic and Graphene info graphic,, in PDF format for print as poster for school work ???

    regards, and thanks

  3. Alifah Fajri says:

    Wow… your graphic is amazing. May I take this for my personal purpose? Not for comercial.
    Thank you very much.

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