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Fluorspar: Essential for Modern Life

Fluorspar: Essential for Modern Life

Fluorspar is a compound of calcium and fluorine – and fluorine is the most chemically reactive element in existence. Because fluorine combines with other substances so readily, fluorspar is the basis for countless chemicals across numerous applications. As a result, fluorspar has become essential for life in the modern world.

In fact, fluorspar is now indispensable in the production of fuel-grade uranium, aluminum, modern refrigeration, many important medicines, and more. The next generation of promising fluorspar applications, like lithium-ion batteries, are also still being explored.

China’s demand is straining global supply. For decades, China has produced half of the world’s fluorspar, but as of recently it now consumes almost all it produces and its reserves are running out. It’s clear that new sources of fluorspar must be developed to replace diminishing Chinese exports.

3 Responses to “Fluorspar: Essential for Modern Life”

  1. Loek van den Heever says:

    What a brilliant report!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s also used in making the fibre-glass yarn used for so many applications.

  3. Darklamp says:

    Visual Capitalist… Everytime I read your info-graphics I get depressed. TAll your graphics are beautiful, but the data shows this consistent reporting on how China is sucking up all and any resources at an alarming rate. Not only are your info-graphics educating me on material origin, but showing me how the resource market is only driven by this hungry ghost, China.

    Keep up the great work!

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