Polls: 44% Say Trump Wins Debate; Rubio and Carson Surprise [Chart]

Polls: 44% Say Trump Wins GOP Debate; Rubio and Carson Surprise [Chart]

Post-debate polls: Trump Still on Top

Polls show 44% think Trump wins GOP debate. Rubio and Carson surprise.

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Last night’s debate in Cleveland was the first of many chances for the GOP establishment to dethrone Donald Trump from the top position in polls, and Fox News moderators Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier came out swinging with some surprisingly difficult questions. Although most pundits think the debate was a “tie” between several candidates, an amalgamation of different user polls show Donald Trump is hard to bump.

We averaged three big online user polls as of 11:30am Eastern Time that account for over 600,000 votes including: The Drudge Report,, and Slate. There were small differences in the percentages on each poll, but one thing is clear: Trump is still on top for much of the electorate:

Averaged poll results: who won GOP debate?

Trump’s appeal to the electorate can be summarized as follows:

That’s it – right there. Trump has no “shame”. It also helps explain why Trump “could not say” if he would run as an independent if he did not get the nomination.

For now, that will appeal to GOP voters who want a strong, unfiltered, and determined leader. However, as Trump reaches a larger and more focused stage, the details of his campaign and platform will likely kibosh his original gut appeal even to most Republicans. He’s also far too divisive to win a general election.

So who else can declare the debate a victory?

Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson both had double-digit support (10.9% and 10.3% respectively) as the winner of the debate. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and John Kasich were right behind with 8.3% and 8.6% support.


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  • I’m thinking Kasich had the most to gain here (and did). Even though he probably won’t win the nom, he’s certainly proving to be a rising star within the GOP.

  • Jwk

    See, people don’t like their flaws to be pointed out to them, they get defensive and nasty. Comedians are able to point out people’s flaws, because it is in an indirect way.
    So, to point out problems (which, logically, is the first step in building solutions) you generally rub people the wrong way (if the problems are caused by certain people).
    Thats why Trump is disliked (he’s insulting, has no shame, bla bla). He is good and running businesses, and that is what countries are, and that is why he is ahead. More people realize that he is right, even if it unpleasant for many to hear.
    BA and law students DO NOT know how to run organisations (such as compnanies and countries) and that is why most presidents are useless (even though they are likeable).
    The era of the IVY league BA students running countries (politicians are coming to an end).
    The world has moved ahead – and, once you remove your dislike of Trumps personality from the viewpoint you have, it is clear as day that he is the best candidate.

  • don quixote

    I respectfully suggest that you might have meant to say respectively in the quoted last word of the quote from the last paragraph “Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson both had double-digit support (10.9% and 10.3% respectfully)”

    • Good call. We’re visuals people here, not always grammar people 😉

  • bob

    LMAO! No one would be watching if it wasn’t for Trump!

  • Trump has found the touchstone, America is broken and we don’t have time to politic. We shall see…

  • GAD1066

    The Republican Party seems confused. If the Media continues bashing Trump the voters will keep following Trump. Washington and its Royal families “Bush-Clinton” have rallied to keep Trump from White House, in order to keep the Beltway their personal sanctuary, and rice bowl for the lobbyists.

  • dewdly

    Trump isn’t even in the same race. The others are candidates in a rigged system, while Trump is giving voice to the American people.

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