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Natural Gas: North America’s Energy Future, or Just Hot Air?


  • solarisgeothermal

    Hi Jeff, May I suggest researching and updating some of the facts that seem to be from the NG Industry. For example:

    “Solar accounted for 74% of all new U.S. electric capacity installed in Q1 2014, further signaling the rapidly increasing role that solar is playing in the energy market,” said Shayle Kann, Senior Vice President at GTM Research. “Expect to see a resurgence in the non-residential market, combined with continued incremental residential growth, throughout the rest of this year.”

    Source: U.S. Solar Market Insight, Q1 2014

    Methane leak rates are in the 4-10% according to studies revealed this week from Cornell University, google Methane Gas Leak Cornell. Here is an example: