Mapping Monthly Disposable Income Around the World

Mapping Monthly Disposable Income Around the World

Mapping Monthly Disposable Income Around the World

Monthly disposable income, or the amount of money made after income taxes, is a key indicator used to give an idea of a state’s economic strength.

This infographic maps monthly disposable income around the world, using information from Numbeo, the world’s largest database of information contributed by users about costs and income in cities and countries.

Leading the pack is Switzerland with $6,301 per month in disposable income. This is nearly double the amount of the next highest countries: Australia ($3,780), Denmark ($3,269), and the United States ($3,258).

Within countries, the disposable income can differ greatly between regions and states. For example, in Washington D.C. the number is $5,450 per month, which is more than double that of Mississippi ($2,650).

Previously, we posted an infographic which highlights the costs of living around the world using similar maps.

Original graphic from: Movehub


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  • Cool infographic! I would be really interesting to see a similar set of maps comparing disposable income as above with cost of living. Disposable income is interesting, but I wonder how much that $6000 per month really means to an average Swiss resident when they have to pay rent, buy food, utilities, etc.

    • I agree! So, this only compares how people are taxed around the world, correct? Yes, to see what the left over $ buys would be VERY interesting, in addition to this! 🙂

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