The Gold Series: Five Reasons To Own Gold (Part 4 of 5)

“Five Reasons To Own Gold”
Presented by: Goldcorp

Also made possible by:

Eldorado Gold, Balmoral Resources, Falco Pacific, Brazil Resources, Eastmain Resources, and Brixton Metals.

Part 1: The Most Sought After Metal on EarthPart 2: Unearthing the World's Gold SupplyPart 3: The Eclipsing Demand of the EastPart 4: Five Reasons To Own GoldPart 5: 2014 Gold Trends and Beyond

Five Reasons To Own Gold


“Five Reasons To Own Gold” Presented by: Goldcorp

This infographic, part four in our 2014 Gold Series, covers the best reasons to own gold.

1) Gold helps investors diversify their portfolios.

2) Gold is a great store of value.

3) Gold helps protect against inflation and other risks.

4) Gold demand is driven by a growing east, while grades are dropping and new discoveries are more scarce.

5) Gold stocks are as cheap as they have ever been, using the GDX as a proxy.

Part 5 will cover trends in the gold sector for 2014. Click here to make sure you are on our free list to receive it.

Eldorado Gold
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  • Eric

    Great visual and message. My skeptical peers need to see this to understand why precious metals play a significant role in one’s portfolio.

  • Maziku Mandela Jr.

    that’s great..
    you may also explain the role of copper in investment, help…!!!

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