Death and Taxes 2015: A Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go

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Death and Taxes 2015: A Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Death and Taxes: A Visual Guide to Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Make sure to click the image above to expand to view the full, massive version of this visualization, which shows the possible journey that each US tax dollar may go on.

Death and taxes are both inevitable, but at least the experience of death does not repeat itself every year.

This infographic shows the Discretionary Budget of the United States for 2015, and omits mandatory spending for programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. In other words, it shows where the government’s priorities are with the money that it chooses to spend.

While fiscal 2015 has been already underway for awhile and the budgets for some departments may have been amended, the biggest benefit that this visualization brings is context. About 54% (including the entire left side) of the discretionary budget is military or national security related.

Seeing everything at once explains why some ultra rich Americans find ways to avoid paying the taxman.

Original graphic from: Graphicacy


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  • William Ripskull

    Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but it sure is misleading. It makes it look like the military is by far the biggest part of the budget, but the military is covered under discretionary spending, which makes up 29% of the overall budget. So military spending really only makes up 54% of 29%, or less than 16% of the overall budget. Where does the other 71% they don’t mention go? Entitlements (i.e. the welfare state and interest cost associated with borrowing to prop up the welfare state).

  • Silverado

    This is probably the most confusing “infographic” they’ve put out yet but I’m thinking that’s the way the govt likes it. It’s so confusing even they don’t know where the money’s going. But like I said before…that’s the way the govt likes things. And besides, if you had the honest to God “real Infographic” and published that they’d probably call you a terrorist (like they did with Edward Snowden who also told the truth) and throw you in prison or try to just like they did with him.

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