Apocalypse When? A Visual Guide to Doomsday Possibilities

Note: this infographic has been removed.

There’s no better way to start a conversation with a friend than to bring up potential doomsday scenarios. Luckily with this infographic guide, you will be readily equipped.

Keep in mind this is the real deal, and not any of this wimpy economic collapse stuff. We’re talking planets and stars exploding, near-extinction, and Bruce Willis coming to the rescue type of stuff.

One event that we have talked about before is human overpopulation, and the concerns that it brings to natural resources and the environment. As the global population moves towards 10 billion and with fertility rates dropping as countries get more advanced, we don’t see this as being an apocalyptic scenario. However, we do see it as causing scarcity and creating opportunity for resource investors and the creation of new technologies.

One common theme in this tongue-in-cheek graphic is that all of these scenarios involve our planet. That is why expanding beyond into space is important, and people like Elon Musk have a good point. The sooner we colonize a planet like Mars, the sooner we find a way to avoid the full extinction possibility of some of these potential events.


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  • Hey You

    Here today and gone tomorrow!

  • louis_wheeler

    Leftist writers try to scare us to death and succeeded.

    I’m inclined to follow Calvin Coolidge’s advise, “Never go out to meet trouble. If you just sit still, nine cases out of ten, someone will intercept it before it reaches you.”

    The Environmentalist’s causes, which made them so much money (Acid Rain, rivers on fire, Silent Spring, resource depletion, running out of landfill space, the Ozone Hole, the coming Ice Age (back in the 60s), Ocean Acidification, Smog and AGW etc) were over blown. They were Chimera, without scientific basis, designed to panic America into giving them power.

  • jack daniels

    First we had Al Gore – now Musk, his bankrupt companies moving to Mars, let him – the risk is not A.I. – its the morons who think they are Einsteins/Gods

  • Michael Kucewicz

    I’m in southern New England,I wonder what Al Gore would say about global warming,if he were in my state for the past month or so! This article didn’t mention the Second Coming of Christ,the Rapture of the Church,and the sudden disappearance of probably tens or hundreds of millions of believers into Glory.Then the world will become a very,very ugly and evil place.

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