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5 Facts on Moving Oil By Water

5 Facts on Moving Oil By Water

5 Facts on Moving Oil By Water


This infographic is brought to you by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Advance of technology, better practices and stricter regulations and policies have made the transportation of oil safer. However, the concern shown by British Columbians is equally valid, as we have seen the devastation that can be caused by a major oil spill.

This is an important issue because the Canadian Oil Boom has transformed Canada into a major oil player on an international level, especially with the oil sands in Alberta and the associated Keystone XL Pipeline. A steady rise in global demand is putting tremendous pressure on Canada to produce more oil.


  • Rick

    Very little of the oil from the exxon valdez was recovered and the technology to recover marine spills of diluted bitumen doesn’t currently exist.

  • andré grenier

    On ne parle pas beaucoup des risques,surtout au niveau des tuyaux qui vont amener le pétrole jusqu’à la côte.

  • Darklamp

    I would agree with andré below. I hope another infographic is coming soon with the Top 5 risks and concerns that need to be addressed. We know at least there are 209 items to be addressed…(hint, hint)

    What I find that disconnects the public from the tanker transport issue, is the risk that none of this oil is being used domestically, meaning that there is some benefit, especially for the coastal people who would have to deal with the pending oil slick.

    By the way, in the “There are other opportunities as well” graphic box, the environmental stewardship graphic is really nice. The hands and leaves is really expressive.

  • Chris Armstrong

    I am not impressed with this one-sided, unbalanced presentation by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Where is the honest evaluation of the financial and environmental cost of inevitable multiple BITUMEN pipeline spills? If bitumen sinks in ocean waters, smothering the ocean floor, how will that be “cleaned up” by the M.J. Green and the 200 Members of the Fishermen’s Oil Spill Team? Both the NGP and the Kinder Morgan expansion do NOT deal with OIL (that floats), it is highly abrasive DILUTED BITUMEN: why are you talking about OIL? We know of Enbridge’s horrible examples of incompetence at the top; namely Kalamazoo (KNOWN deficiency that ruptured in July, 2010, not to mention 329 other deficiencies they ignored, plus the missing 1,000 sq km of Douglas Channel islands). Note that the west coast of BC is an active earthquake subduction zone (remember Fukushima, and the more recent quake on Haida Gwaii?). Experienced ship captains know that OIL TANKERS CAN NOT SAFELY NAVIGATE DOUGLAS CHANNEL. BITUMEN must be refined IN ALBERTA, followed by pipelining high value, relatively benign OIL, instead of raw bitumen, to foreign markets – south/Keystone?, east/Line 9?, and west/Kinder Morgan and/or NGP to Prince Rupert?

  • Jonathan Lyster

    Have to debate this one with you, Jon. Especially the part about the chances of a spill being extremely low. Enbridge claimed in its documentation to the NEB that the chances of a spill meant a chance of a spill once in 15,000 years. They based this on calculating the number of spills over a recent period of time versus the distance travelled by tankers, then used reduced distance in through Douglas Channel to arrive at their guesstimate. The problem here is, the vast majority of that distance is open ocean where there is nothing to run into.

  • solarisgeothermal

    A bulk fuel ship ran aground last week in Prince Rupert, totally destroying the theory of “once in 15,000 years” as nothing but a lie. If they are lying about the probability of ships running aground, they are lying about everything else. Read here from the Vancouver Sun:

    Shame on the Chamber of Commerce for backing big oil, at the expense of BC Coastal communities. There are more jobs in Clean Tech than Oil & Gas + Forests + Mining added together, let move on to the Green Economy.

    This was an advertorial, not a balanced piece of infographic.

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