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2014’s Most Promising Alternative Energy Trends

2014's Most Promising Alternative Energy Trends

2014’s Most Promising Alternative Energy Trends

The business world has recognized a need for viable alternative energy solutions, and investors are now pouring in their cash. Last year, a staggering $214 billion was invested in renewable energy worldwide.

Many nations and corporations across the world are taking steps to develop alternative energy solutions and the private sector is taking note of this opportunity.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE: KKR), one of the world’s largest private equity firms, invested $567 million USD for a 33% stake in Acciona’s renewable energy efforts. Acciona is a Spanish conglomerate and holds major assets based on seven clean technologies in 13 countries: wind, CSP, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biomass, biodiesel and bioethanol. The company’s major focus is on wind energy.

Giant firms aren’t the only ones who see potential in green energy investment. According to Thomson Reuter’s Lipper unit, alternative energy mutual funds and exchange traded funds returned an impressive average 41.6% over the 12 months through June.

If you are interested in investing in alternative energy stocks, click here to check out the top 14 picks, courtesy of Forbes.


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  • Very cool!

    • Sukhdip Basra

      Thanks for checking out our website, Brian!

      We always love to hear positive feedback. 🙂

  • Dr. A. Cannara

    Whoever writes this stuff, apparently has no concept of science or engineering. This also illustrates why the US is so far behind other countries in education.

    Cars & iGadgets with solar panels illustrates how easily we’re scammed. But the shoe-activated walkway generators, well now that’s even better than solar-panelled roadways, as far as being an example of “inappropriate engineering is concerned.

    This publication’s editors seem like ,maybe 6 year olds.

    • Sukhdip Basra

      Lovin’ the passion, doc!

      This is a syndicated infographic we found online. Personally, I think some of the tech mentioned in the graphic is interesting.

      Thanks for checking out our website!


      PS – If a 6 year old did put it together, it would be quite impressive.

      • Dr. A. Cannara

        So, you already knew you’d be misleading the gullible?

        Our iGadgets already waste 1GWe 24/7 — you’re adding ‘content’ to that?

        • Sukhdip Basra

          Not at all, doctor. This infographic is an indication for the potential of alternative energy, which is why we posted it.


          PS: I don’t think our viewership is gullible. I think they’re quite awesome.

          • Dr. A. Cannara

            Aha, you’re giving a better idea now — I didn’t say this site’s audience was gullible, now did I?

            But, you apparently are, since almost everything said about ‘alternative’ power sources (except local solar) is false.

  • Power Strong

    My dear . Is there any Indian company

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